Welcome to WorshipTeam.tv, where we’ve gathered only the best worship videos for you. Feel free to look around and explore. Whether you’re a worship leader, instrumentalist, vocalist…you’re into performing arts, an audio engineer, film or other expressions of worship, there are videos here to help you learn new songs, advance your training and inspire you to greater creativity in your calling. 

Worshipteam.tv has three parts: songs, training and inspiration.

In the Song section you can learn individual instruments and vocal parts, choreography, hear song stories and more. You can search by worship team favorites, top CCLI, most recent or most viewed and ONLY see the songs you’re looking for. 

Our training section focuses on three areas: core, character and craft. Simple put Core is who you are, Character is how you live and Craft is how you serve. Core and Character videos will be useful everyone no matter what area of worship ministry you are in. Craft videos are filtered for each instrument, vocal part or area of creative arts…so it should be easy to find what you are looking for.

The inspiration section is filled with encouraging messages, tricks of the trade and motivational tips for creatively using your gift for God. New videos are posted often so take a look around and come back EVERY day.  Thanks for visiting and have fun!