How to Use in Your Church

How to Use in Your Church

How to Use in Your Church
Luke Gambill, D.W.S. (Arranger/Producer)

My dad, my grandfather, and several of my uncles were pastors. Growing up and even now as an adult, I’ve had the privilege of being around church families of many different sizes. Some have been large, but most have been medium to smaller churches. Having led worship across these various music ministries, one ongoing challenge has been finding modern worship music resources that I could easily utilize from one church to another. Another common difficulty is that some of the songs we wanted to sing were 6–8 minutes in length. As a worship leader, arranger, and producer, I knew there was something we could do to meet the different needs of these music ministries. I am pleased to announce that we have now launched, featuring songs you want to sing with arrangements you can play.

Here are some of the ways can serve you, your worship team, and your church:


Some small churches have marvelously gifted musicians and singers, as well as technical individuals who can build onscreen lyrics. But what if you don’t have these assets? offers visually pleasing Lyric Videos for all the songs in our available catalog. Don’t have a video projector? No worries. These videos work well on a large television, operated by a laptop computer. We find that many small churches with a willing and capable worship or vocal leader will lead their congregation using the lyric videos on screen. The complete lyrics are synced to the music, and the arrangements include rich vocals to give the congregation confidence as they sing.


If you are part of a medium sized church family, there’s a good chance you have some well-equipped singers and musicians. will aid your music ministry with singable and playable charts your church wants to sing. The arrangements are recorded by professional musicians, and they specifically craft their parts to be accessible to all levels of skill. Volunteer or learning musicians can play them with ease. Our deep list of songs includes rising CCLI favorites, classic songs that have stood the test of time, and many favorite hymns of the faith. Chord progressions are standardized in each song, and melodies are placed where the majority of the congregation can confidently sing along. The map for each song is kept in check to remove any of the “fluff.” As a bonus, fully arranged SATB vocal charts are also readily available for choirs and small vocal ensembles. 


Larger churches with plenty of amazing musicians and singers will benefit from’s high-quality audio stems for each song. Import them into your favorite software (Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand, Ableton, etc.) and add in additional audio layers with your live band. Even though a church may have musicians capable of replicating original artists’ recordings, a different sound or style may be preferred for your congregation. allows you to present playable, singable, and musically engaging arrangements.  Additionally, you can tap into our Lyric Videos for small group use or even as pre-service music.

We strive to make the many video, audio, and print resources available from quickly and easily accessible as plug-and-play resources for your local church music ministry. Our aim is to partner with you in leading your congregation in worship. We look forward to serving you and your church.

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