What is WorshipTeam.tv?

What is WorshipTeam.tv?

What is WorshipTeam.tv?
Songs You Want to Sing // Arrangements You Can Play

Wondering how WorshipTeam.tv can serve your worship team, church, or small group? Read on to find out.

Q: Why was WorshipTeam.tv created?

A: We believe that church members still want to sing, and musicians want to actually play the songs. The challenge is that many smaller churches have musicians that need simple arrangements. And some worship teams don’t often have multiple guitarists or keyboardists to replicate the sounds of today’s worship songs. We’ve created WorshipTeam.tv resources to the meet the needs of these churches. Our arrangements are simple for learning musicians, and our tracks can fill in where a worship team is lacking.

Q: Who can benefit from WorshipTeam.tv resources?

A: The profile of a WorshipTeam.tv user would be a small to medium sized church that wants a sound and songs that are appropriate to their setting. They sometimes don’t have a dedicated worship leader or team, but have a passion to worship and value congregational singing. The COVID crisis has also created an opportunity for congregants to meet together in homes with small groups. WorshipTeam.tv resources are perfect for these types of groups to easily create a worship service experience. We believe the perfect sized church is the one you feel comfortable worshipping in and there should be resources that meet your needs.

Q: What will I find on the WorshipTeam.tv store?

A: You’ll find a variety of resources for many popular worship songs, including chord charts, lyric videos, STEMS, and audio tracks. We are not trying to create the “coolest” sounds, but engaging, modern, and accessible arrangements. We pick enduring songs that are not old, but proven. The resources are very flexible for churches with musicians who are learning to play, or worship ministries that need to present a worship service that doesn’t require a huge learning curve or excessive gear to pull off. You’ll also find a selection of Spanish video worship tracks and audio tracks.

Our desire at WorshipTeam.tv is to equip the Church with the resources it needs to facilitate high quality and inspired worship services using great songs, both old and new, that have ministered to so many. Our resources are designed to encourage worship in churches of all sizes as well in smaller group settings. We hope and pray that these songs and resources will serve you and your worshipping community well as you lift your voices together in praise.

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